Scottish Wheelchair Basketball Development League Match Report; Dundee Dragons 40 : 6 Women Warriors. 17-2-2018





Match Report by Kevin Rattray, DDWSC Vice-Chairman

Dragons first home match of the 2017/18 season of the Scottish Development League followed on quickly from our successful visit to Aberdeen the week before.

The squad was changed for this match with Ben Leitch off to a GB Under 23 Training Camp, I think we can forgive him for that, and the loss of Mairi, off with Lewis and Kacey for a half term holiday.

The squad assembled for the match with the exciting addition of Murran MacKay due to make her senior debut, who may have been a little excited by the prospect.

Dragons ran straight from their club session of Tennis, Badminton and Basketball, with many of the players taking in or helping out with every activity before Gemma settled everyone and got their game faces on.

What followed was Gemma’s comprehensive warm up which is now becoming something of legend.

The match started right on time with Tina Gordon, in glorious orange, ably supported by table officials Sally Lumsdaine and Ryan Mellon.

Dragons starting five consisted of Gemma Lumsdaine as guard working with Michael Mellon, Rhys Colliar working with Blair Marshall and David Birtles at point and reserves of Ronny Robb and the debutant Murran MacKay raring to go.

Warriors were first to show and upset any rhythm the Dragons were trying to establish, taking an early lead and holding that lead for most of the first quarter.

Dragons timeouts were called quickly and the tension was palpable as Gemma tried to calm everyone down as she switched with Rhys to work with Blair.

Dragons then started to find their shape and shooting skills with Michael and David to the fore and Ronny introduced for Blair during the second quarter, although the occasional descent into under 10’s football was clear to see as the ball was chased around the hall with large groups of people in pursuit.

The first half came to an end quickly, well after 20 minutes so probably just the normal time, but always seems quick to me.

Dragons were now in control of the scoring, Michael and David to be exact, and defensively they had found the form which had eluded them early in the match.

Half time score Dragons 24 Womens Warriors 6

The second half saw the reintroduction of Blair into the action, he was never going to be kept out for long, and the debut of Murran, with Gemma now taking up the sideline coaching position.

Dragons continued to push forward with Michael, Ronny and David sharing the scoring and then Blair chipping in with 2 excellent baskets which generated the biggest smile of the day as Ronny declared Blair’s back.

The scorers always get the plaudits when it comes to scoring but great credit is due to the hard working guards who get the shooters into the positions to make the shots.

Rhys Colliar followed up his destructive and constructive display against Flyers with another storming performance assisting Michael to be top scorer for the day.

What can I say about Gemma Lumsdaine that hasn’t been said before as she works positions for her shooting players, shuts down dangerous players and pretty much gets the tactics right every time.

The revelation was Murran MacKay, I’m not sure how she’ll cope was one comment early on, any concerns were quickly dispelled as she took to senior basketball like she’d been playing it for years.

One curl was such a thing of beauty, that Michael could have been in an armchair, a very tall one to be honest, for his shot, and at the end of the third quarter she came racing over and declared you’re not taking me off, I wouldn’t have dared.

After Gemma’s assertiveness last week and now Murran I can confirm that Dragons women really don’t take any nonsense! (Wasn’t my first choice of word)

The match finished with Michael shouting for Ronny to go for a 3 pointer, yeah that wasn’t going to happen, but Dragons came out victorious with a final score of

Dundee Dragons 40 Women’s Warriors 6

Thanks due at the end of the day for Tina Gordon who’s refereeing brings such a great touch to every match, and to Sally Lumsdaine and Ryan Mellon for timekeeping, scoring etc.

We concluded with food, drinks and general banter and of course Kirsteen Burns surprise Birthday cake and flowers, happy birthday Kirsteen.

Next match is away to Lothian Phoenix on Sunday 5 March, be great to have as good a support as we saw yesterday, may have resulted in some early nervousness but is really appreciated by all of the players.

Scottish Wheelchair Basketball Development League Match Report; Grampian Flyers 22 : 50 Dundee Dragons 10-2-2018





Match Report by Kevin Rattray, DDWSC Vice-Chairman.


The Dragons travelled up to Aberdeen full of confidence following a strong showing against Women’s Warriors in the previous development league match and a very strong playing squad, with only Stephen Carling missing.

The team arrived pretty much in sequence in the space of 15 minutes and Gemma quickly asserted her authority,” Flyers you’ll need to change your colours”, I’m not afraid to say that I was a little bit scared.

She pulled everyone together very quickly, got her red pen out and her red dry wipe board, anyone else spot the schoolgirl error there, and we were ready to get into the warm up.

The warm up was pretty impressive, hoops were being shot, picks were being picked, screens were being screened and curls were being curled.

That’s pretty much my knowledge expended but the warm up did look great!

I think even the Flyers, of which there were many, were impressed.

The team started with a very strong five, Ben Leitch and Michael Mellon playing as forwards ably supported by Gemma Lumsdaine and Rhys Colliar as guards and David Birtles slipping into point.

Dragons started really impressively both in attack and defence with movement, communication and precision in almost every thing they did. Flyers were chasing shadows throughout the first quarter and 20 points were harvested without reply, Ben leading the way supported by Michael and David.

It was now time to make changes with Ronny Robb and Blair Marshall introduced into the action with both of them getting on the scoresheet, although the biggest cheer came when Rhys nailed a beautiful basket just before the half.

Flyers were now finding their form and clawed back 8 points making the half time score 28-8 to the Dragons.

The second half saw another Dragons change with Mairi Simms being introduced into the action.

The half started very much nip and tuck as the first half had ended but Flyers were now dominating possession and kept the scoreboard ticking with Dragons now struggling to find their form of the first 2 quarters, although the reintroduction of Michael helped to steady the ship, it was now a 12 point game at 34-22 to the Dragons, with one quarter to play

Not deterred, Gemma decided to try out a new tactic with four high chairs on at the same time, a quick calculation confirmed that yes we could do that and had enough points on the court.

This was a bit of a masterstroke as Dragons stormed back into the match with Ben, Michael and Blair adding to the Dragons total and the defence finding its resolute form of the first quarter, the match finished with Mairi replacing Gemma and the other four made up of the match starters.

The final action saw Ben’s 3 pointer atempt come back off the rim and out of play and the final score read

Grampian Flyers 22 Dundee Dragons 50

This was a really enjoyable match with thanks due to the Grampian Flyers for their excellent hospitality, the match officials for their lovely light touch to refereeing and the table officials doing an absolutely sterling job.

From Dragons point of view it was great to see a large travelling support, ok most of them were driving the players but big shout out to Sally, Carrie, Sharon, Deborah, Ryan and Sarah, David and Owen.

(I know I’ve missed some folk but couldn’t remember names sorry!)

Special mention to my partner in crime on the sidelines Paula “what was that foul for” Leitch.

Dragons move onto the return against Women’s Warriors on Saturday 17 February, at home, but without Ben and Mairi and I’m sure Jay and Kirsteen will be looking to put one over on us.

With a 1pm tip-off at Gardyne Campus be great to see a big support for the team.

Pictures courtesy of Grampian Flyers WBC