Two Dragons Make The Scotland Squad

Two Dragons Make The Scotland Squad!

The Rugby League World Cup will be hosted this year by England and Wales. Alongside the running game there is a festival of World Cups, with Wheelchair Rugby League having it’s own international competition in Gillingham, Kent, from July 2-13th.

Scotland had their squad selection day on Saturday 23rd February. Two Dragons were in attendance and both were selected for the national squad. This is a fantastic achievement and we wish them well in training for such a huge event!


Chris Calderwood (Perth) 


Elizabeth Ferris (Dundee)


As WRL is an amateur sport the players must each raise £600 in registration fees in order to compete. Both players are also keen to fund their own specialist wheelchairs which will cost in the region of £1200. We welcome offers of sponsorship from the community to help get these players to the World Cup, if you have any fundraising ideas, get in touch!