Wheelchair Rugby League

Wheelchair Rugby League was the founding sport for Dundee Dragons, and it remains at the heart of everything we do. As a sport WRL brings everyone together regardless of ability and as such we feel it is one of most the truly inclusive activities around.

We are very fortunate to have close links with Scotland Rugby League and local Scotland Rugby Union contacts meaning that as a club we are united in our love for the game.

Thus far 9 Dragons have competed on the international stage; with club representatives playing for Scotland at every event since the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup in 2013. The club is proud of this firmly established pathway and those who are keen to develop their skills can do so under expert coaching guidance.


Training sessions are currently held on Saturday mornings from 10:00-12:00 with the first hour being a fun session for Under 16s.

1 thought on “Wheelchair Rugby League

  1. Hi ,
    My name is Anne Haigh and I am a board member of Rugby League Norway. Norway will be playing in Rugby League World Cup in 2021.
    We wonder if you have any norwegian heritage players ( At least one parent or grand parent born in Norway)
    that would like to be involved with the Norwegian National Team.
    Looking forward to hear from you,
    Thank you.
    Kind Regards
    Anne Haigh
    Member of RLN board

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