Wheelchair Tennis – About The Sport

One of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world, wheelchair tennis integrates very easily with the non-disabled game since it can be played on any regular tennis court, with no modifications to rackets or balls. Wheelchair tennis players are allowed two bounces of the ball and therefore can play against other wheelchair tennis players, and alongside or against non-disabled friends and family.

Wheelchair tennis has been a Paralympic sport since Atlanta in 1996 and a quad division was introduced in 2004 for players with limited mobility in one of their upper limbs too.


You can get started in a day chair to become used to being on court and hitting a ball from your chair. But you will find movement around the court improves when using a tennis chair as they are specifically designed for that purpose with an anti-tip wheel at the back and the side wheels being on an angle to help with changing direction.

The weight of the chair, size and positioning of the seat, backrest and footplates can all be adjusted to suit the needs of the player.

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