Five Sports and Counting!

It’s official, Dundee Dragons now also play Wheelchair Rugby!

First WR Session5


The Adults get to grips with our newest sport, whilst the Juniors session goes on in the background.

Today has been marked on the Dragon’s calendar in red ink – as it was our first session of Wheelchair Rugby!

We know what you’re thinking; “But wait, don’t you already play rugby?’ And you’d be right, we do! Unfortunately the names can get a little confusing though! Until now we have played Wheelchair Rugby League, which is played with an oval ball, and is very like the game of rugby you’ll recognise from the TV.

The game of Wheelchair Rugby is also known as “Murderball” or “Quad Rugby” and whilst it doesn’t really resemble running rugby, it is full of big hits – which is probably how it got rugby in it’s title as it became more popular – because, let’s face it, it was  always going to be tough to market a phrase like murderball to sponsors, or mum’s for that matter!

The reason we are expanding to offer Wheelchair Rugby here in Dundee is because it caters for our athletes who have the highest level of impairment – meaning everyone gets the chance to play team-sport regardless of the impact their condition has on their abilities. Murderball players are made up of those with neurological conditions like Tetraplegia, Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy, as well as those with amputations affecting 3 or more limbs.

Our specialist chairs are still en route from the factory in Denmark; stay tuned for pictures when they get here!

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