The Nuts and Bolts of Wheelchair Sport

Our sports wheelchairs are reliable workhorses given all the activities we expect of them, so it’s no surprise they need some TLC from time to time!

Yesterday after the session we started on what is the epic task of overhauling our chair stock.
(Mega shout out to the volunteers who gave even more of their Saturday to help with this!)

Sports chairs are really just like bicycles when it comes to their upkeep – lots of bolts to tigten and tires to inflate (Never mind the fact a lot of ours could also do with a good lick of paint at this point!)

We would love to make connections with some of the local #MensShed organisations, bicycle shops or college DIY courses as apart from this project, the sports wheelchairs have ongoing maintenance needs throughout the year too, which is ideal for anyone who likes to fettle bicycles!

So please do share this post as we’d love to connect with suitable volunteers who could help us out!

Remember to head over to any of our social media channels (@DundeeDragons) for the most up to date club news and information too.


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