The Wheels on The Bus…

Our bus has sadly reached the end of its working life.

We know that the cost price for a vehicle that meets our needs could be anything up to £60K so we’ve had to look at every available option we can in order to get the club moving again.

Sadly though, whilst our beloved old DragonsWagon was waiting to go to the forever home in the sky for busses, it was vandalised.

Our Bus After Vandalism 😦

This was a really sad end to what had been a faithful friend to the club, and it has greatly impacted how we were planning to offload it.

So where are we now? 

The club is currently without a bus and that’s a big blow. 

The minibus was a vital tool to get us to matches, local events and club outings. 

Our old bus took us everywhere from Elgin to Wrexham and many stops in between, so at the moment we’re reliant on using multiple cars to complete these journeys, or where that’s not feasible we face not being able to make the journey at all.

What’s next?

Given the huge costs involved, we had to look at every avenue open to us in order to fund a new minibus. 

Our options included corporate partnerships, longterm sponsorship prospects and good old fashioned bucket shaking! 

We’ve been very fortunate to secure the support of a wonderfully generous corporate donor who, in partnership with a well known motoring brand have granted us almost all the funding we will need to take ownership of our own brand new, fully wheelchair accessible minibus. 

This is such an exciting prospect for the club; we’re absolutely thrilled to be the recipients of such generosity, and we simply can’t wait to share more information about our donors as time goes on, and of course to get the wheels of the new bus turning!

So why do we need your help?

Despite all this exciting news, there’s still one major hurdle to overcome. 

We still need to raise approximately £10,000 to meet the remainder of the purchase costs. 

Being 90% of the way to the target is a fantastic feeling, but it doesn’t see us over the line, and until we can hand over all of the costs, we won’t be able to call the bus our own. 

We know that everyone is tight for cash just now. 

It’s a difficult time for the entire community and that makes it all the harder for us to ask for your help. 

Being this close to our target and not being able to see it through would be a devastating blow to the club, and so we’re appealing to all our friends and supporters to help us get our bus. 

Specifically we’re asking that if you can support us, you to donate to our KiltWalk Team Page. 

The fabulous folks at The Hunter Foundation will top up any donation by 50% meaning any pennies you can spare will go even further! 

You can find our Club Page below, where you can follow the team as they prepare for their walks on 21st August, and where you can donate directly to their efforts.

We know this is a big ask, but you can be sure that when the new bus arrives it will straightway be put to use taking the Dragons Family all across the U.K. to participate in Wheelchair Sporting events. 

Our members have told us how they’ve missed the camaraderie of being together on the bus, travelling to events that help boost their confidence, improve their physical and mental health and most of all provide a fun and consistent way to live their lives fully embracing the Dragons’ motto of #AllAboutAbility. 

So please, if you can spare a few pounds to help us make that a reality once more, head over to our fundraising page. 

💙🐲💙 Thank You 💙🐲💙

The DragonsWagon in Happier Times!

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