Everyone Means You!

“I don’t use a wheelchair all the time, can I still come along to play with your club?”

We’re often asked this question, and the answer is a resounding yes!

Wheelchair Sports are all fully inclusive at club level, which means anyone can hop in a chair and give them a try. In fact, sports like Wheelchair Rugby League continue this practice right through to International Representative level, where teams are permitted two able-bodied players on the court at any time.

If you find that participating in running sport is challenging, or indeed if you’re able-bodied and want to come along with a friend, you’ll be made very welcome at any Dragons training session.

Team GB’s Gaz Choudhry is an amputee and as such he doesn’t use a wheelchair all the time; However he has played at the very highest level of Wheelchair Basketball, representing his country at the 2012 Paralympics. You can see Gaz chatting about his career in the video below.

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