Scottish Wheelchair Basketball Development League Match Report; Grampian Flyers 22 : 50 Dundee Dragons 10-2-2018





Match Report by Kevin Rattray, DDWSC Vice-Chairman.


The Dragons travelled up to Aberdeen full of confidence following a strong showing against Women’s Warriors in the previous development league match and a very strong playing squad, with only Stephen Carling missing.

The team arrived pretty much in sequence in the space of 15 minutes and Gemma quickly asserted her authority,” Flyers you’ll need to change your colours”, I’m not afraid to say that I was a little bit scared.

She pulled everyone together very quickly, got her red pen out and her red dry wipe board, anyone else spot the schoolgirl error there, and we were ready to get into the warm up.

The warm up was pretty impressive, hoops were being shot, picks were being picked, screens were being screened and curls were being curled.

That’s pretty much my knowledge expended but the warm up did look great!

I think even the Flyers, of which there were many, were impressed.

The team started with a very strong five, Ben Leitch and Michael Mellon playing as forwards ably supported by Gemma Lumsdaine and Rhys Colliar as guards and David Birtles slipping into point.

Dragons started really impressively both in attack and defence with movement, communication and precision in almost every thing they did. Flyers were chasing shadows throughout the first quarter and 20 points were harvested without reply, Ben leading the way supported by Michael and David.

It was now time to make changes with Ronny Robb and Blair Marshall introduced into the action with both of them getting on the scoresheet, although the biggest cheer came when Rhys nailed a beautiful basket just before the half.

Flyers were now finding their form and clawed back 8 points making the half time score 28-8 to the Dragons.

The second half saw another Dragons change with Mairi Simms being introduced into the action.

The half started very much nip and tuck as the first half had ended but Flyers were now dominating possession and kept the scoreboard ticking with Dragons now struggling to find their form of the first 2 quarters, although the reintroduction of Michael helped to steady the ship, it was now a 12 point game at 34-22 to the Dragons, with one quarter to play

Not deterred, Gemma decided to try out a new tactic with four high chairs on at the same time, a quick calculation confirmed that yes we could do that and had enough points on the court.

This was a bit of a masterstroke as Dragons stormed back into the match with Ben, Michael and Blair adding to the Dragons total and the defence finding its resolute form of the first quarter, the match finished with Mairi replacing Gemma and the other four made up of the match starters.

The final action saw Ben’s 3 pointer atempt come back off the rim and out of play and the final score read

Grampian Flyers 22 Dundee Dragons 50

This was a really enjoyable match with thanks due to the Grampian Flyers for their excellent hospitality, the match officials for their lovely light touch to refereeing and the table officials doing an absolutely sterling job.

From Dragons point of view it was great to see a large travelling support, ok most of them were driving the players but big shout out to Sally, Carrie, Sharon, Deborah, Ryan and Sarah, David and Owen.

(I know I’ve missed some folk but couldn’t remember names sorry!)

Special mention to my partner in crime on the sidelines Paula “what was that foul for” Leitch.

Dragons move onto the return against Women’s Warriors on Saturday 17 February, at home, but without Ben and Mairi and I’m sure Jay and Kirsteen will be looking to put one over on us.

With a 1pm tip-off at Gardyne Campus be great to see a big support for the team.

Pictures courtesy of Grampian Flyers WBC

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Match Report: Scottish Wheelchair Basketball Development League 20/01/18





Match Report by DDWSC Vice-Chairman Kevin Rattray

Dragons travelled on the back of a heavy defeat to Lothian Phoenix but still confident following a strong showing against St Mirren Warriors in their first Development League fixture.

Dragons were without Michael Mellon who was away on Invictus Games duty but welcomed the return of Stephen Carling and Mairi Simms and the debut of Blair Marshall into senior basketball.

The journey to Glasgow was relatively uneventful, certainly more uneventful than trying to cross the frozen wastes of the school car park, phew that was a bit hairy!

The match started with Tina Gordon and Jon Macleod taking up their respective refereeing positions.

Dundee started with player/coach Gemma Lumsdaine leading, as always, from guard and a further four of Ben Leitch, Blair Marshall in attack, Rhys Colliar as second guard and David Birtles at point.

Dragons started very quickly and built up a 10 point lead with baskets from Ben and Blair and a strong well organised defence expertly keeping the warriors at bay.

Changes to the Dragons line-up followed quickly with Ronny Robb, Stephen Carling and Mairi Simms getting in on the action.

Scoring slowed down through the second quarter, but with no lack of endeavour or commitment and 2 of Dragons finest Kirsteen Burns and Jay Anderson, in Warriors pink, helping to test a resolute Dragons defence constantly.

Dragons remained in control on the scoreboard with further baskets for David Birtles and Ronny Robb taking the half time score to 18-4 for the Dragons.

This Warriors team is made of stern stuff and they forced the Dragons back constantly in the second half bringing them to within 8 points by the end of the third quarter, although another 2 baskets by Ronny kept the Dragons just enough in front.

The final quarter saw the reintroduction of Ben and Gemma, they were never going to be kept out of the action for too long!

Ben rattled in 4 baskets although the 3 pointer eluded him, not through lack of trying.

The match came to an end with the Dragons 30-10 to the good and a great feeling of a match played in absolutely the right spirit with encouragement from all sides and delight about being able to do this again in Dundee in a few weeks time.

Hospitality followed from the warriors with enough food to probably feed the Glasgow Warriors fans arriving for the rugby a couple of street along.

All that was left was now to negotiate the icy car park and an angry jannie, who really wanted us away.

Noe of this spoiled the day though, and special mentions to Paula Leitch for side-line duties and Gordon Lumsdaine for expert score keeping.

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Scottish Wheelchair Basketball Development League Match Report St Mirren Warriors Vs Dundee Dragons




Match Report by Kevin Rattray, DDWSC Vice-Chairman


The Dragons squad arrived almost simultaneously, ok Michael was there first but for the rest of us this was quite an achievement. The match started in glorious sunshine, I know it’s not relevant but on one of the sunniest days of the year we were all indoors!

Dragons started with Gemma, Michael, David, Rhys and Ronny with Kevin Myers and Ben on the bench.

It was clear that the day would bring fireworks, unfortunately this was nothing to do with the match which started frantically with Michael conceding the tip to a girl several inches shorter than him.

For the first six minutes or so it seemed that a famous nil-nil draw may have been on the cards, but then St Mirren jumped into a 4-0, then 8-4 lead, but this was as far in front as they would get.

Ben was introduced for Ronny then Kevin for Rhys and Dragons started to build some momentum to their play prompted by Gemma’s excellent player coaching.

Score after score followed with the match going nip and tuck for the whole of the first half finishing 16-16, we knew this was going to be tough and St Mirren with their multiple interchanges were causing Dragons defence many problems.

First half Scorers Ben 8 Kevin 4 David 2 Michael 2

The second half burst into life with Dragons in the ascendency very quickly and flying into a 22-16 lead, but being pegged back to 22-18 almost immediately.

The Dragons defence organised by Gemma and with Ben employing a single player press was now in complete control and St Mirren were struggling to make ground and open up shooting opportunities.

Scores were also now flowing very consistently as Dragons stretched the lead to 34-18 and Ronny and Rhys were reintroduced to the action to close out the victory.

The final few minutes brought Ronny his first 2 scores of the match, the second one being a press steal followed by an outrageous hook shot.

The match came to a close with Michael trying to beat the buzzer from his own half with a final end to end throw of the ball, which missed everything including the net, the backboard and the back wall.

Final Score St Mirren 18 Dundee Dragons 46

Second Half Scorers Michael 10 Ben 10 David 4 Ronny 4 Kevin 2

A good first match of the season for Dragons and although St Mirren started the likelier side, Dragons rustiness was swept away as the match progressed and Dragons organisation was ultimately too strong for St Mirren. Now if only we could get everyone training regularly!

Thanks due to the drivers David B, Michael, David L and Sally as well as to Paula and Sally for table officiating and off field organisation, another fantastic full on Dragons team effort.

Next match is away to Phoenix first team in the Scottish Cup, the challenges just keep coming!


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Match Report: Keighley Cougars 0 Dundee Dragons 58





Match Report by DDWSC Vice-Chairman Kevin Rattray. 

Both teams were slightly depleted of playing numbers for the match with basketball, Invictus Games training and work commitments cutting down on the playing numbers but no shortage of enthusiasm and talent on display.

The match started with Richard Johnson from Bradford Bulls and Mathew Micklethwaite taking up their respective refereeing positions.

Huge thanks to both of these guys your assistance on the day was absolutely invaluable.

Dundee elected to receive and were first to show with an early try from Ronny Robb, converted by himself which really settled the Dundee nerves, although Keighley’s Becky was denied a try by a last-ditch Robb tackle as she ghosted between the elder citizens Kevin Rattray and Mairi Simms.

Dundee’s pace continued to challenge the Keighley defence, although they held from for long periods, but quick tries by Robb and Stephen Carling, who’s pace was a real threat all match, put Dundee in control.

Keighley continued to push towards the Dundee line with a very effective kicking game forcing Dundee to drop out from under the posts on numerous occasions.

As the half progressed Dundee’s organisation and constant changing of the point of attack became very difficult to defend and tries followed from Robb twice and Carling with an excellent team try, and converted by himself.

The half stumbled to an end with Rattray’s creaking bones dotting down a try, created by Robb, which the scorer duly converted.

Half Time Cougars 0 Dragons 36

Dundee kicked off the second half into a stiff breeze (not really, but I felt like it was uphill into that breeze)

Carling scored for Dundee very early into the second half and it looked like Dundee might go on to dominate the proceedings, but this Keighley team is made of strong stuff.

They forced Dundee back again and again and were only denied tries by a bouncing ball that wouldn’t bounce the right way and a fantastic sweep from one side of the court to the other to save the day for Dundee’s defence by Jay Anderson.

It was now time for Anderson to show her attacking abilities with a fantastic team try where the ball came from Simms to Robb onto Carling then into Rattray’s hands to give a pass to Anderson to score in the corner, the tricky conversion was the only one missed all afternoon.

Anderson then followed this with her second try in quick succession and knocked over the conversion with great skill.

The match came to an end with Ronny Robb scoring and converting the final try of the match to cap an excellent Man of the Match performance.

Final Score Cougars 0 Dragons 58

Thanks to Gavin Dobson for keeping a record of the scoring, as there is no way that I would remember, not that I’m old and forgetful it’s just that……..

Keighley’s welcome hospitality followed as we all mingled with the participants celebrating Cougars legend Brendon Rawlings testimonial event, good luck Brendon from all of us at Dundee Dragons.

Chat moved onto league matches next year where hopefully we’ll meet up again on a home and away basis.

The journey home was considerably better than the journey down and the clouds parted as we crossed the border as you would expect and the sun shone on us

(OK it was just a coincidence but let me have some dramatic license!)

Next, and final, WRL event for 2017 will be at The Emirates Arena on 7 October 2017 with a come and try and a match against Glasgow panthers, what a great way to finish a history making season!