Thank You Gowrie Care!

We are very fortunate to have received financial backing from the awesome folks at Gowrie Care, part of the Hillcrest Group of Companies. Back in January we were able to share the exciting news of their £5000 donation enabling us to buy 5 new RGK Club Sport Chairs.


Multicoloured Chairs for MultiSports!

Last night the team had a visit from Damian McGowan, Managing Director of Gowrie Care, where he saw first hand what a difference the new chairs have made to the team.

Stephen Carling shows just how agile the new chairs are.


Michael Mellon gets some expert coaching tips whilst trying out one of the new RGK Club Sports.


Managing Director of Gowrie Care, Damian McGowan, with Club Chairperson Elizabeth Ferris.

Club Chairperson, Elizabeth Ferris said “This is such a boost for the club, we are now able to push that little bit further at every session, knowing that the chairs we are using will take everything that’s thrown at them. For a club with members who aren’t shy about their sporting aspirations, the right equipment is a must. We simply couldn’t have purchased these chairs without Gowrie’s help, and as such we really are indebted’.

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