Return of the Dragons!

Lockdown has been tough for everyone, and it’s no exaggeration to say we’ve been absolutely desperate to get back on the court!

With the recent green light to hold outdoor sporting activities (maintaining social distancing of course!) we were thrilled to see the #DragonsFamily get back to enjoying some ball time this weekend!

Sport is so important for everyone, but especially so for those of us with physical disabilities.
It’s a great way to stay healthy in both mind and body, and it’s great fun too!

We normally train indoors, but just as we’ve all had to get used to a “new normal” we’ve embraced some outside court time for now.
So as long as the weather holds, you’ll see Dragons Roaring across Baxter Park on a Saturday morning!

Perhaps you’d like to get fitter now we’re coming out of lockdown?
Or maybe you want to give back to the local community and volunteer?
If so the club would love to welcome you along, making Dragons part of your new normal!

Just send us an email on and we’ll let you know how you can join in the fun.

Here’s a peak at what we got up to this weekend – look at those smiles!

COVID19: Suspension of All Club Activities.

Following on from today’s HM Government COBRA Briefing we have taken the decision to cancel all club activities until further notice.

This is understandably a very trying time for everyone in our community, and as a club we want to encourage everyone to take time to look after eachother’s mental as well as physical health.

During this time we’ll signpost members to online resources promoting fitness for wheelchair users, and our members-only discussion group will still be operating so that players and volunteers can stay in touch.

For now, may we take this opportunity to wish all our members and supporters well: let’s all keep as safe as possible, and look forward to happier times in the months ahead.

DDWSC Committee, 16-3-2020.

COVID-19: Statement from Club Chairperson, Dr Elizabeth Ferris.

I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure all members that we are keeping a close eye on the guidance from our National Governing Bodies, Local Council and The Scottish Government regarding the novel corona virus COVID-19, and continually assessing how their directives may impact upon the club’s activities.

At present we encourage all members to adhere to the current advice to self-isolate if experiencing symptoms of possible infection (fever, persistent cough) regardless of how mild: this of course means avoiding all club activities during that time.

Should there come a time that we have to cancel club sessions we will try to let you know via all our social media platforms with as much notice as possible.

In the meantime we ask the following of all players, volunteers and attendees at club sessions:

• Take care to wash your hands with soap and water before and after each session (there are sink & hand drying facilities in the toilets next to our regular gym hall).

• Ensure players take responsibility to wipe down the seats slings, cushions & backrests of the sports chair they have used with the hard surface wipes provided.

• Take extra care to wipe down the handrims of sports chair wheels after their use with the provided hard surface wipes.

We’ll stay in touch with updates as they become available, and also with tips about how to stay active if we can’t facilitate organised club sessions.

Fingers crossed we all get through the next few weeks with but a little disruption – stay safe folks!

2019 Summer Holiday Dates

Time to top up your tan and pump up our tyres!

The club will be on Summer Break within the following dates:

Wednesday Sessions 
Last session Wednesday 17 July
Restart Wednesday 28 August

Saturday Sessions
Last Session Saturday 20 July
Restart Saturday 24 August

Sunday Tennis Sessions
Last Sunday Sunday 21 July
Restart Sunday 18 August


Trending Dragons

If you looked at our website lately you’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve been very quiet – not the case though, honestly!

The club is as busy as ever, with the same amount of travel to fixtures, fun at training plus national and international representation by players in lots of disciplines.

We haven’t been able to post about these individually here purely due to lack of manpower, but if you follow us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll always be up to date with the latest from DragonsHQ.

We love to interact with our followers so be sure to give us a Like or Subscribe next time one of our posts catches your eye. Our Social Media feeds are live-linked in the margin of this site, but to make it even easier, here they are just waiting to be clicked on:




The Dragons Family – A Short Video.

Let our Players tell you what being a member of the Dragons Family has done for them in this short video.

We focus on Ability here at DDWSC – If you can push a manual chair, then we can find a sport for you to participate in!

Our charity is completely volunteer led, with committee & coaches all giving of their free time to deliver active wheelchair sports to people from all across Tayside.

From playing just to have fun, right through to pulling on a Scotland jersey, we’ll help you get there! #AllAboutAbility

Frequently Asked Questions

We love receiving questions and emails from potential new members!

Usually they will always include at least one of these questions, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to re-post our FAQ’s page. Enjoy!

I’m not a full time wheelchair user, can I still come to your club? 

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you use a powerchair everyday or if you’re able-bodied; as long as you can push a manual wheelchair and you’re game for some fun, you’ll be welcome at Dragons. 

I read that you have able-bodied people on the team alongside disabled players. Can you tell me more about that? 

In the spirit of inclusivity, we don’t see why being able-bodied should stop someone from joining in with their friends or siblings and having fun playing team sport. 

The classification structure of our sports reflects this, with Wheelchair Basketball assigning a 5 point title to those players with no disability, and Wheelchair Rugby League’s rules stating that two able-bodied players are allowed on court per team at any one time.

 I’m the parent of a child with mobility problems. We encourage our child to use aids as little as possible, so I’d worry that participating in wheelchair sport would work against this, can you advise? 

Wheelchair Sport participants come from all walks of life, with all manner of conditions and abilities. We know from first hand experience that children who struggle to take part in running sport find that using a wheelchair to play sport serves only to empower them, helping their confidence and growing their self-belief. We also find that as their fitness and strength increase from participating in wheelchair sport, so too does their stamina for physiotherapy and activities of daily living. 

My condition is deteriorating and I’ve been trying to stay out of a wheelchair. I’m struggling with making the choice to use one for sport. 

Track athletes wear spikes to run, and kayakers need a paddle to get from a-b, so why look at a wheelchair as something different? It’s a piece of sporting equipment that enables the athlete using it to get the most out of their time on court. Give it a go and we’re sure you’ll look at it the same way. 

I’m used to watching Rugby on the TV, how does the sport you play differ from that?

Wheelchair sports like Basketball and Rugby League are merely adaptations of the “running” versions of these games. A lot of the referee calls, scoring structure and tactical decisions are exactly the same. Wheelchair Rugby is a little different from either the 13 or 15 a side running games; you can read more about it here.

How much does a sports wheelchair cost? 

As for any sport there are budget, middle and top of the range bespoke options when it comes to sports wheelchairs. Generally speaking most chairs cost around £1200, with that figure increasing to over £5000 for a bespoke rugby wheelchair.  

Is the hoop really 10ft off the ground in wheelchair basketball? 

Yes it is indeed, just like in the running version of the game. 

I’m not from Dundee, can I still be a member?

DDWSC has members from all over Tayside; including Perth and Kinross, South Fife and North Angus. We don’t mind where you live; if you’re up for the journey to Dundee, we’ll see you on the court!

Wheelchair Rugby! I saw that at the Paralympics. Isn’t that very rough? 

You’re right, there are some big hits in top flite wheelchair rugby, but really these aren’t what the sport is about, and just like in running rugby, any bruises you take from the field, or court in our case, are hard earned! 

I don’t own a sports wheelchair, can I still participate? 

We have a stock of club chairs which you are welcome to use during club activities.


What’s in a Name?

We are aware of a girls football team in the Dundee area using the name “Dundee Dragons” but who are in no way affiliated with our charity.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to communicate with this group, we can only try to make the situation as clear as possible when tagged in social media posts such as this one on our twitter account today.

Dundee Dragons Wheelchair Sports Club was established in Tayside in 2013, securing SCIO Charity Status in 2015.

We provide active Wheelchair Sports Opportunities to people of all ages and abilities from all across Tayside, and the name “Dundee Dragons” is by now synonymous with Disability Sport in the region.

We would ask all our members and supporters to be vigilant of this potential for confusion and to continue to make us aware of postings on social media etc that may mislead, especially in the context of fundraising and charitable donations.





Keighley Plate Semi.jpg

Match Report by Kevin Rattray

The Dragons first home match of the season saw us facing our old friends Keighley Cougars, fourth match in 2 years, so the banter was strong in this one.

After our travel trials and tribulations in Keighley and Bradford in April it was fitting that Keighley would get lost, well not really Keighley, just Matthew and Alan who had the van and all the chairs, sometimes you should trust the sat nav!

Keighley arrived slightly depleted of playing numbers with only five to choose from, think that’s called Hobson’s choice, whereas the Dragons although missing Michael away on Invictus duty and a few of the juniors who may have played away doing basketball, Blair, or chair racing, Murran, it was still a strong Dragons team with several subs including yours truly Kevin “Father Ted” Rattray and Ian “Toon” Hall.

Dragons started with Jay Anderson, Ronny Robb, David Birtles, Stewart Squire and Stephen Carling making his first appearance of the season, and the two main subs of Mairi Simms and Gemma Lumsdaine.

Peter Lowis and Ollie Cruickshanks filled the match official positions, with Peter’s “Barra’s Rolex” discarded in favour of Ollies reliable timepiece keeping us all right, and Jen Muir taking up her, now accustomed position, to do the scoring and timekeeping.

A feature of the Dragons whether it is Basketball or Rugby is that we start quickly, only team I’ve ever been involved with that starts quickly, I’m putting the basketball down to Gemma’s comprehensive warm up and the rugby down to me not doing a comprehensive warm up.

Today was no exception the match kicked off and the Dragons were straight into the attack pinning Keighley back immediately and getting on the scoreboard very early by Stephen outpacing the defence, yes I know he does that to most defences, and scoring in the corner and converting his own try.

Dragons were in almost complete charge of possession for the first 20 minutes or so of the match with further tries from Ronny twice, Stewart and Stephen again with only one of the tries being converted.

Stewart then stepped aside to allow Mairi into the action, maybe stretch those hamstrings for next week Stewart?

What followed was probably the highlight of the match for me with Dragons playing some excellent sets and moving the ball through hands in a very impressive manner to the point where a position was created for Mairi to receive a scoring pass, her first competitive try for the club converted by Stephen.

Dragons continued to dominate the scoring with further tries by Ronny and Stephen interspersed with a Keighley drop goal and multiple sets where Cougars pinned us on our line for set after set, forcing multiple drop out restarts from under the posts.

The first half came to an end with the score now

Dundee Dragons 40 1 Keighley Cougars

The feeling was that the second half was going to be a much more competitive event with Keighley storming back into the game at the end of the first half signalling their intentions very clearly.

Then we were off and the game was now very competitive with set after set being defended vigorously and no quarter given.

The scoring chances were now down to a minimum with much of the action occurring more than four metres out from the goal lines.

Gemma was now introduced which was great to see as no one gives more in defence than Gemma, and was almost worked into a scoring position by Jay  but was shut down by Cougars excellent scramble defence.

The match rumbled on with some great defensive play resulting in spilled passes and punishing pressure  from both sides until a very astute kick by Keighley’s honorary man of Yorkshire resulted in a try in the corner and impressively converted from the touch line.

This stung the Dragons who responded almost immediately with a Stephen try and conversion, then defences took over again.

Final score of the match came from a Keighley penalty expertly slotted, why did you kick the penalty rather than play it out was asked, because I wanted to came the reply, not much you can say about that!

The match finished Dundee Dragons 46 9 Keighley Cougars

Every one then came together for food and drinks and lots of chat about rugby and any thing else we fancied, no subject too trivial from World Cup to Love Island.

While we did this the hall was dismantled expertly and in a blur by Ian Hall, Peter and Ollie, nothing these referees won’t do for the sport.

Great thanks to everyone involved Ian Hall what a grafter, Jen Muir no doubt you had the correct score, think Peter also had a “Barra’s” pencil and to the spectators who came along to support David and Stephen, bring a friend next time guys.

Learning points for Dragons

  • Keep it simple
  • Play out the sets
  • Kick better
  • Bring more food (Rugby guys can really eat)